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Priestess Training Details

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Modern priestesses serve in many roles. Any place where love is needed in the world and ceilings have yet to be broken through—you will find priestesses there!
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Training is provided by an Ordained Priestess who is also a Registered and Accredited Holistic Health Practitioner and Coach
Format of the Priestess Training

Accredited Training is Received through Videos, Audios, Articles, Guided Practices, Online Gatherings, In-Person Retreats and Private Sessions. You will receive a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing at the completion of the program. 


September through May

How it Works
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  • 1, Zoom Group Call per month, (9 Total), 7-8:30 pm EDT, in the Spiral Sanctum (dates will be announced later)

  • Meet together at 6, Sacred Space Day-Long, In-Person Retreats in alternate months, in the beautiful countryside of Madison, VA. (Includes day program, light lunch meal and snacks/beverages).

  • Online meetings with your “Support Sister”, every other month, for support, to practice and discuss the training.

  • 9, Private 1-1 sessions with your guide, Cellina Rhiannon Whiteflame, that fit into your schedule.

  • Self-Study & Practice;  1 exercise or activity per week

  • 1 Weekend Retreat at the end of the training (Includes lodging for 2 nights, 5 meals, snacks, beverages and retreat program).

  • Formal Sacred Space Priestess Initiation Ceremony at the weekend retreat dedicated to honoring you and your commitment and to receive your accredited certificate of completion

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What You Will Get With This Training

Weekly exercises, activities and guided meditations

9 monthly gatherings online in the Spiral Sanctum (Zoom room)

9 Private Sessions with Cellina

1 weekend retreat

Formal Sacred Space Priestess Initiation Ceremony

Plus, You'll Get Access to the Wisdom of These Topics Covered + More

Priestess Wisdom of the: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space, Light and Ether

Exploration and Aligning of Your Chakras

Goddess Studies of Different Cultures

Study of Archetypes and Polarities

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Energy Healing Techniques

Rituals of Letting Go

Understanding How Abundance Is Accessible

Connect with an Animal Guide

Connect with your Spirit Support Team

How to Create and Use Energy Shields

Stonework with Crystal Grids

Ancient and Modern-Day Priestess Practices

Wild Woman and Wise Woman Rituals

Compassionate Forgiveness

The Inner Healer

The Inner Creatrix

Focusing Your Intent and Energy

Guided Visualization Journeys

Confidence Building Practices for Creating a Vibrant Life

Archetype of Money and Magick Marketing

Creating Your Own Circles, Events, Retreats, Classes, etc.

Intro to the Advanced Program: Empowered Priestess Mindset© (EPM)

And more...

And You Will Also Get...

In this training you will also receive 9 Soul Crystal Attunements; also known as Light Codes or Cosmic Codes. These are similar to Reiki Attunements. Once you complete this Priestess Training you will be authorized to continue to add to the lineage from which I received the attunements. You will be able to give these attunements to others in your work as a priestess, e.g. classes, events, circles, retreats, etc. and charge money for the attunements as is the typical charge for such an energy exchange (Typical charge is $85 per attunement, per person), as well as continue to infuse your daily life with energy and magick. 

The training provides you with access to knowledge including event planning and marketing, and other usable skills that you can use in conjunction with your projects or leadership circles and events. How you end up applying this knowledge is totally up to you.

Feeling empowered is a very powerful thing indeed. Empowered women go on to be leaders in their households and in their communities. Some go on in new directions entirely and create the life of their dreams.

(Typical trainings of this caliber cost $5,000 to $21,000. Please feel free to do your research and make the best choice for you).

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Energy Exchange

The monetary energy exchange for the full training is just $100 per month/$900 for the full training.  If you have financial challenges, on occasion, partial discounts and scholarships are made possible by generous people. Please inquire.

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