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"Let us remember why it is we gather in the first place."

Mary Beth Davis

Soul Retreats

In our Soul Retreats, we are committed to providing a sacred space for each individual to reconnect with their soul. Our retreats are designed to inspire spiritual growth and heart-centered connections through guided meditations, soulful discussions, empowering workshops, sacred ceremonies, goddess crafts, time to relax, time outdoors in nature, and shared meals.


Each retreat has different focuses and themes, but they build upon each other too, throughout the year. We strive to create a loving and supportive environment where each participant can feel safe to explore and be their true selves. Your presence elevates the group. 

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Why We Retreat

We gather to retreat into the unknown together and cultivate a deeper connection with our beautiful inner landscapes. Each retreat is designed to provide instructional time, balanced with time to reflect and relax. A beautiful sense of support is created when women gather. It’s time spent nourishing our hearts and souls.

"When a woman is empowered, she can become a woman who understands and owns her inner power, unafraid to wield it as an efficient tool to shape her life."


The Vision

"A woman wakes to the call of the Divine Feminine from deep within her, (for all women have this innate power), and trusts her soul guidance to create a fulfilling life."

We gather together to understand the complexities of our lives while reinvigorating the sacredness of every woman. We gather to elevate the group in all ways. We co-create ceremonies of the heart, and find meaning in our powerful insights, and overflowing wisdom. We gather to  remember that we are soul goddesses.

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The Retreats

Coming up in June...

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If you have questions about my retreats, certified and accredited trainings or events schedule, please send me a message, I would love to hear from you!
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