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Hello Beautiful Soul...

Cellina Rhiannon Whiteflame, (aka Gretchen Comer) has assisted and guided many women to priestess-hood since 1999. She claims her priestess lineage through the Spiral Grove, an eclectic, non-profit Nature Path community that welcomes all paths of light and was ordained as Priestess Cellina Rhiannon of the Spiral Grove in 1998. Five years later she received the name "Whiteflame" in the midst of a shamanic healing she was providing a friend.

Cellina is a Registered Holistic Health Practitioner, Registered Metaphysician and co-owner of Spiral Journey Holistic Life Services LLC, the service provider of the priestess training. You can read more about her training below.


Her priestess-work is woven from a broad tapestry that includes in-depth training from the multiple certifications she has received in: Holistic Coaching, Energy Healing, Hand Mudras, Therapeutic Art, Sound Healing, Drum Circle Leadership facilitation, Crystal Healing and Chakra Healing and Balancing. 


Cellina is also skilled in many creative practices and expresses the Divine Feminine connection through: guided imagery, sacred singing, Goddess Work, Ritual, Rites of Passage, Soul Code/Light Code Activations and more.


She feels blessed and grateful for having been trained and guided by many harmonious teachers including shamans, energy healers, circle facilitators, Light Workers, ascension teachers, Native American Elders, Wiccans, Druids, Asatruans and many more. 

She has been guiding sacred circles for women and men drawn from both ancient and modern spiritual practices over 25 years. With extensive experience in managing events for a busy retreat center for over 20-years, she has also guided over 200 ceremonies and events. She brings love, light-heartedness, humor, compassion and creative inspiration to her work as a priestess trainer; truly believing we are all magnificent beings. She empowers women to feel safe to allow their innate spiritual natures to shine through and live with vibrancy, passion, courage and strength.

Find some testimonials here.


Beautiful Star, Let Your Radiant Light Shine!

"I've learned the important, pivotal role someone can play in another’s life during their most challenging times. I've learned that we can't do it alone, we all need support."

I am completely and utterly in love with Mother Earth, feeling more comfortable outdoors most times than in, ever since I was a small child. I've lived in the country with my husband and fur-babies for over 20 years. My first job after moving in was to collect cow pies for an Agnihotra Temple up the road. (To say I'm eclectic is an understatement). Thank the goddess I was already an experienced mud-pie maker and tree climber as a kid because collecting these kinds of "pies" enabled me to get a very up-close-and-personal viewpoint of nature. But seriously, it was this exposure that allowed me to grow and heal while being in the supportive environment of nature. Althoough I have learned from wonderful teachers over the years, nature still remains the most profound teacher of them all. I try to bring some of that grounded energy and beauty into all of my work.


The core of what I do has always been deeply rooted in the heart, and empowering and guiding people in discovering how amazing they already are. I work with the holistic model because I find that true healing takes place when all four aspects of ourselves, the deepest levels of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, are addressed. When they are in alignment--anything is possible! 

"I believe we are each unique, magnificent beings. There is no one like us. Therefore, it's

our right to be weirdly different, wildly creative, and wonderfully  magical!"


My life experiences, various trainings and education continually emphasize and reaffirm for me that love is at the core of all healing, and I strive to infuse my heart-centered healing work with love. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the beautiful heartfelt connections women make in sacred space, and when they connect with the wisdom inside them, or through the wisdom of being in nature--this is what it's all about. Helping and guiding others gives me BIG JOY moments in my life. 

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My Training

I am so grateful to have studied with incredible, heart-centered, amazing teachers. Here are a few:

Jalaja Bonheim, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Tom Llewellen of SoulRemember Academy, Jim Donovan of DonovanHealth, Dr. Phillip and Dr. Jane Mountrose of Awakenings Institute, Dr. Joeel and Natalie Rivera of Transformation Academy, Tania Magdalene of the Academy of Ancient Magik, Prof. Krishna Sharma PhD of Virtued Academy International, Melissa Crowhurst of Natural Healer, Nickolas Mparalos, Sufani Garza of Place of Bliss Academy, Dion Hanna, Maya White Sparks of the Spiral Grove, and many more.


I am certified in multiple holistic modalities and offer unique services to meet the varied needs of all my clients. 


Registered and Accredited Holistic Health Practitioner

Registered and Accredited Metaphysician

BDiv Degree in Spiritual Living

Holistic Coach and Healer

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Life Coach

Therapeutic Art Life Coach

Energy Healing with Color and Art Practitioner

Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner

Drum Circle Facilitation and Leadership 

Usui Reiki Master

Kundalini Reiki Master

Sacred Flames Reiki Master

Angel Reiki of the Angelic Golden Ray

Chakra Healing Practitioner

Ancestral Healing Diploma

Hand Mudras Certificate

Emotional Freedom Techniques 

Professional Akashic Records Reader

Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner

Ordained Clergy; Priestess of the Spiral Grove

Internationally Accredited Spiritual Course Trainer and Workshop Leader

More Training Background & Skills:

Guided Visualization 

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Hypnosis for Healing

Energy Healing

Light Language

Sacred Songs and Chants

Goddess Work for Women & Female-Identified People

GoddessCairn Ceremonies (creator and facilitator)

Spiral Journey Day Retreat (creator and facilitator)

Earth-Centered Ceremony Facilitator

Virginia Legal Wedding Officiant

Event and Retreat Planner

Spiritual Business Owner

Workshop leader

Sweat Lodge

Priest/ess Trainer

Spiritual Teacher

Fiction and Non-fiction Writer

Website Design

Primitive skills student and practitioner

Events Manager for a spiritual retreat center

A perpetual student of rhythm and percussion and sound 

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Love for My Work

Melissa Donovan.jfif

Having Gretchen’s support has been like having a cheerleader on my side who is always so excited to see me grow. She is incredibly encouraging, intuitive, and gifted at what she does. If you need support with overcoming something that’s been keeping you stuck so that you can achieve your goals, Gretchen is your gal!" - Melissa, FL

"I loved the program- it was very thought provoking and really made me look inside and define what I want my life to look like. I felt I was good at manifesting, and I thought I might not get as much as others out of it, but I was able to glean so much insight into myself and what was holding me back. Things that I just never thought of before. Thank you for letting me participate! I would absolutely recommend this program to others."  --Aurora, Virginia


"I needed to go within and figure out some of my own issues and wouldn’t have been able to do the work of connecting with myself on such a deep level without this program. I will refer back to it on a regular basis for more insights. I think that the work itself is timeless, and the guide this program is can be of great value in just that. I experienced some deep growth from within. You have to be willing to dig deep to truly know yourself. This program helps to guide you in a gentle way. I would give it a great evaluation.--Vesta, Virginia

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"Gretchen is a love centered healer and a powerful holistic coach! She has helped  me to feel whole again and to tap into my inner wisdom and love myself. She helped me heal and supported me so beautifully, I was able to open my Fairy wings again and continue spreading  love and magic everywhere. I always feel safe, listened to, loved and  inspired by her! I totally recommend her!" - Loola, CA

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