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7 Magickal Days


Sacred Rites for the Empathic Soul 

Do you tend to be affected by the energies in people, places and/or things?

Do you ever find that being in loud, busy places or crowds is just too much for you to handle?

Do you sometimes just “know” things before or as they are happening?

Do you find that your moods can swing easily from one emotion to another and back again?

Do you find that you have a deep love or connection for nature and animals?

Do you feel physically or emotionally ill during and after confrontations?

Do you find that you are exhausted after interacting with people for extended periods of time?

Do you have a hard time watching the news or violence on TV or in movies?

Do you feel uncomfortable around people who act disingenuous?

Do you often need stretches of time to be completely alone to decompress?

Are you often misunderstood as being “too sensitive” or “over-sensitive?


If you resonate with at least five of these, welcome to being an Empath!

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When I was a young adult, I went through a difficult time that almost everyone goes through; that dark time in life commonly referred to as the "Dark Night of the Soul". Although my trust was shattered, I began to recover, and my need to understand who, and what I was, became super important. 


I didn't know how to define why I felt so much, all the time, but then someone said I was probably an empath. Me: OK, great! Um, what's that again? There was little to no reference about being empathic when I went seeking answers. Sure, you could look up empathic in a dictionary and get a straightforward definition, but there was little info to be had about what it was like to be empathic.


"What should I do? How can I stop feeling everything?

I felt fragile and my heart hurt most of the time."

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Gretchen Comer, (aka Cellina) 

I smothered who I was for years, to make others comfortable around me. The end result: I was deeply unsatisfied with my life and its trajectory. I tried to be like everyone else so that I could disappear, and blend into the background. If we're not seen, or go unnoticed, it's easier to ride the waves of emotions without the interference of other people's judgments. There were times when I nodded and smiled when all I really wanted to do was scream. For years, I didn't speak up, I didn't stand up for myself. I swallowed the ribbing, the bullying, the judgments, and the weird looks that others gave me. I'd laugh it off, and then I'd slink away and cry for an hour or two. 

I thought there was something wrong with me. I felt no one understood me. I thought I would never be whole. 

Sadly, these things are common on the journey of the empath.


Now, over thirty years later, I know that it was through realigning with something sacred, deeper, and larger than me, that gave me an anchor and brought me back to a state of wholeness. By calling my energy back I was able to understand that I needed to create my own sense of safety in the world. I needed to take control of my own life and stop living it for others.  


Rituals were bright lanterns shining on the path, and led me back to my heart, and the sacredness I was invited to seek and find in every day. Ritual put me in touch with my own inner power. They helped me know what was my energy and what was someone else's. I began to selflessly reserve some of my loving and compassionate energy for myself. Like retrieving soul-pieces, I reunited with parts of me that had been waiting for me to return home to my true self. 


It was also the support I received through others of alike mind, as well assistance from my spirit guides, and my inner guidance, that ultimately led me away from my painful past and back to the light. I learned the important, pivotal role someone can play in another’s life during their most challenging times. 

I don't want you to struggle like I did in finding support and sacredness in your life.

That's why this course is made for empaths.

I am empowered today knowing:

We can't do it alone; we all need support.

We can become stronger and have more passion for life.

We can learn how to work with our feelings and emotions.

Engaging with sacred and meaningful rituals can help us heal. 

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After 30+ years of experiential learning, ordaining, training and certifying in numerous modalities, here's what else I've learned about us, as empaths...

Empaths are often misunderstood.

We are often scrutinized by others as being overly sensitive or moody people.

Maybe you don't like to let your moodiness show, but you may also frequently fight with yourself internally.

We need to be heard and understood for our amazing intuition and wisdom.

Our need to leave, or be alone, is an indicator of our current state of well-being.

Never underestimate the inner push or pull to excuse yourself from an activity or group of people. 

This means our internal guidance is working and showing us what needs to be addressed in that moment.

We have powerful internal compasses.

Our paths through life are often unconventional, and at times, confusing to family and friends.

The world likes to tell us we need to be tougher, or "Toughen up! Life is rough!" (As if this advice has ever helped anyone).

But, this internal knowing is a powerful compass that can direct our lives in meaningful ways.

Being empathic is an amazing spiritual gift.

Being empathic can mean so much more than just feeling the pain of the world, if we open to it.

Empathy teaches us the truth of compassion, and when activated, has a magickal ripple effect on the entire planet.

We have the sensitivity needed for transformation.

Take heart, dear empath, because it means that you already have it in you to further develop your intuition and psychic power.

This internal power comes from strengthening our courage, resiliency, aligning with the flow of life, and most of all--love.


The ultimate energy of the universe is LOVE; it encompasses all things.

As we integrate this concept we begin to understand why clearing and grounding our energy is so important.

The Universe, the Goddess, God, Divinity, Angels, Ascended Masters, our guides, etc. all love us.

Their guidance and wisdom constantly reemphasizes the importance of loving ourselves.

If we can take care of ourselves first, then help others, we are working with them rather than against them.

We can live life more centered; with gentleness, and compassion for ourselves.

If we are grounded and centered in our hearts, we can allow much of the energy of people, places and things that we are constantly trying to process, to move through us instead of getting hooked by it, internalizing it, and holding on to it.

"Any ritual is an opportunity for transformation. To do a ritual, you must be willing to be transformed in some way. The inner willingness is what makes the ritual come alive and have power." Starhawk

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 Spend 7 Magickal Days in Sacred Space
consecutively, or spaced out over time, your choice
Rejuvenating Your Soul !
Program Info
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7 Magickal Days

Sacred Rites for the Empathic Soul 






come to know the divine feminine as goddess
and find solace in the sacredness of her support
intentionally ground & clear your energy
and bring more balance and harmony to your life
lovingly infuse your life with more magick
through sacred traditions, ancient goddess mythos, and rituals
cultivate insight & compassion for yourself
and connect with your empathic nature in new ways

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How 7 Magickal Days Can Help You As An Empath

Learn How to Call Back Your Energy

We leave our energy with other people, and in other places, throughout our day, often depleting us and

fragmenting our sense of wholeness.

Learn How to Calm the Storm Within

The grounding energy of ritual can calm the active mind,

relax the body, and connect us to our inner divinity.

Connect With Your Inner Power

Our intentions, our voice, and our movements, can

redirect our focus back to the sacred power at our core.

Learn How to Shield Your Energy

Be empowered to preserve your energy, and use your intuition to release energies that you don't serve your highest good.

Come Home to Your True Self

Our breath becomes our vehicle to release heavy energy, and delivers us to our true spiritual home: our heart and soul.

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What  the 7 Magickal Days Will Provide for You

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Day 1     Earth
Calling Back Your Energy
Earth Shield + Grounding Ritual + Earth Goddess
water flowing 2.gif
Day 2     water
Flowing With Life
Emotions + Water Blessing Ritual + Water Goddess  
fire gif.gif
Day 3     fire
Reclaiming Your Power
Reclaim Your Power + Fire Ritual + Fire Goddess  
dandelion air gif.gif
Day 4     air
Loving Yourself
Precious Heart + Air Ritual + Air Goddess  
light gif 2.gif
Day 5     light
Expressing Yourself
Expression + Boundaries Ritual + Solar Goddess  
space gif.gif
Day 6     space
Empowering Your Intuition
Intuition + Space Ritual + The Ethereal Goddess  
purple space gif.gif
Day 7     universe
Divine Connection
Spirit Guides + Light Language Ritual + Divine Source  
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This online program is presented as 7 Magickal Days,
but you don't have to finish the program in 7 days.
You may take as long as you need, and go at your own pace.

This accredited course is provided through videos, audios, and lectures.

For a limited time, get an amazing introductory rate!
Choose from just the 7-day program, or the 7-day program plus 2 or 4 Support Sessions!

(Program Value: $700. Session Value: $100 each) 

7 Magickal Days
online course

for the magickal price of just $44

7 Magickal Days
online course
with 2 Support Sessions

for the magickal price of just $111

7 Magickal Days
online course
with 4 Support Sessions

for the magickal price of just $222

Sharing the love from those who've worked with me...

"I enjoyed it a great deal! Even though I have been practicing for some time, this program still gave me insights into myself and taught me things I did not know. It was all illuminating!" 

DW, Virginia

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"She [Cellina] is always so excited to see me grow. She is incredibly encouraging, intuitive, and gifted at what she does."
MD, Florida

"She [Cellina] has helped  me to feel whole again and to tap into my inner wisdom and love myself. She helped me heal and supported me so beautifully, I was able to open my Fairy wings again and continue spreading love and magic everywhere. I always feel safe, listened to, loved and  inspired by her! I totally recommend her programs!" LM, California

Gifs provided by Tenor, Giphy and Imgur. Images by Gretchen Comer

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