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Bespoke Guided Meditations

Creating Personalized Meditations, Just For You 

At Empowered Priestess, I am dedicated to helping people find inner peace and a greater sense of self. My guided meditations are designed to be both relaxing and effective. Through guided meditations, you can reduce pain, alleviate tension, reduce stress, meet spirit guides, gain new perspectives, activate your multidimensional expression, reduce negative thinking, let go of bad habits, and much more. I believe that guided meditations are an incredibly effective spiritual tool and can help you reach your highest potential.


There are many wonderful benefits of guided meditations. Being able to fully relax while someone else guides you through the meditation is so helpful, and easier than trying to guide yourself. Not only can you have a much deeper experience, but you can also travel further into other dimensions, meet new spirit guides, visit the Akashic Records, reduce pain and tension, relieve stress, and much more. 


If you need guidance or are working on an issue in your life, or would just like to connect with a higher being,  higher realms and dimensions, I can create a tailored meditation video to help support you.  If you already work with specific guides, angels, ascended masters, goddesses or gods, or if you want to work with certain energies, I can create the meditation to encompass these archetypes and qualities as well. 


As an example, here is a short and sweet, 10 minute guided meditation for relaxation.

Other benefits of my guided meditations include:

- You can discover a new perspective with any stressful event or situation that you may be facing or have faced and need more guidance

- Guided meditations can help you increase your self-awareness and bring more clarity to your life

- Guided meditations can help you to reduce and alleviate negative feelings and thoughts by redirecting your focus to the present moment

- If you need guidance or are working on an issue in your life, or would just like to connect with a higher being, I can create a tailored meditation, just for you, to help support you.

- I can create a guided meditation with Light Language to help you with just about any situation in your life


Your Personal Guided Meditation Video Will Include: 

  • Relaxation techniques

  • A focused guided meditation

  • A Light Language Transmission focused on your needs

  • Depending on your needs, your personal guided meditation may also include: Hypnotherapy Techniques, Sound Healing Therapy, Reality Shift process, Heart and Soul Centering, Reframing and Anchoring, as well as other energy healing processes to help support you in the best way. 

You’ll receive your bespoke meditation video by email in an MP4 format that you can download and have access to forever, to listen to whenever you want.


I don’t share these guided meditation videos with anyone, their totally private and just for you, because they were made for you.

Your Personal Guided Meditation is just $44 US for a unique, one-of-a-kind, 30-minute guided meditation video with or without Light Language. 

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