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Soul Light

Day Retreat




Across cultures and throughout history since ancient times, spiritual leaders like shamans, medicine people, mystics, and sages have long understood that the soul communicates not in the spoken word, but through symbols, metaphors, archetypes, poetry, dance, music, art, and profound emotional resonance - a mystical language that reveals the sacred essence of all life.

We have learned since ancient times that this is possible for most people and not just shamans, gurus and medicine people. When we intentionally create the space to invite in the soul's language and listen deeply, we are forever changed by its wisdom and guidance. How could we not be?​

how does your soul express itself?

Are you creative or an artisan?

Do you feel guided when you draw, sketch, paint, sculpt, dance, write, and/or craft?

Do you ever go into a light trance when you are in creation mode?

Have you ever wondered if you have any Clair Senses? (Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairaudient, etc.)

Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?

Do you talk to yourself out loud when you’re alone?

Have you ever found yourself spontaneously humming or singing a tune that you’ve never heard before?

Have you ever had pre-cognizance or premonitions that came to pass?

Do you feel drawn to geometric symbols and shapes, geometric symmetry or see imagery in geometrics?

Have you had dreams that contain imagery from other worlds or dimensions?

Do you feel that you're spiritual, but don't resonate with specific mainstream religions?

Have you ever felt that you didn’t quite fit into your biological family?

Do you sense energy when you interact with natural objects, places, or people?

Do you ever feel that you’re weird or odd, or really different from other people?

Do you feel like you have never quite fit into society or society’s expectations?

Do you avoid crowded places; e.g. shopping malls, big cities, movie theaters, concerts, professional sports games, etc., because the energies are just too intense or off-putting?

Are you sensitive to certain foods? Or scents? Or stimulants like caffeine and nicotine?

Do you have a strong aversion to violence and avoid watching the news, horror movies, etc.?

Do you have a natural connection to nature, animals, rocks, plants, etc.?

Do you feel most peaceful when you are outdoors in nature?

Do you feel a strong desire to know and/or understand your life purpose?

Do you feel drawn to ancient civilizations, cultures or traditions?

Do you feel that you have lived other lifetimes?

Are you drawn to being a healer and helping others in this way?

Do you have a desire to find “your people” or others of alike mind?

Do you feel that you have things bubbling up inside you that need to be expressed and understood in some way?

if your soul is communicating, are you listening?

what does it want t0 express Through you?

You and me--we are multidimensional. This means many things to many people, but it also means that we have the capacity within us to access other dimensions of our soul's exploration. 


We don't have to be just a human in a human body having a human experience. We can open to who we are beyond the confines of our humanness. We are so much more!

We are galactic, celestial and a combination of many dimensional aspects that connect us to something greater than ourselves. 

We have this beautiful, amazing, infinite part of ourselves that is the undiluted, unfiltered, pure essence of who we truly are. We don't have many places or opportunities to explore our souls and that's what this retreat is about--a safe place to explore your soul using different lenses to see different perspectives of yourself.


This retreat is a safe space to land; a safe space to be weird and different, without judgment. 

This retreat is called "Soul Language" and it's about being unabashedly you, expressing your creative self in new and profound (and sometimes familiar) ways. 

Through different activities, together we will be broadening our scope and vision, and exploring the deeper levels of multidimensional communication, while further developing our intuition. 

Date and Time: Saturday, July 27th 10 am - 5 pm

Location: Madison County, VA 

Fee: $40 p/p

Activities Will Include (but are not limited to):

  • Candlelight Ceremony

  • Goddess Wisdom 

  • Soul Expression Activities

  • Light Codes and Light Language Intro

  • Light Language Activations

  • Sacred Priestess Traditions: Sharing Our Stories

  • Lunch and items for the activities are provided for you!​

In addition to all of our activities, what this holistic day retreat will do is provide you with some spiritual tools for your journey.

It can enliven your spirit, help boost your energy, and empower you to feel more confident about your path forward.

You'll also have the support of the group gathered and can relax in safe space with others of like mind.

Come and be part of this casual yet transformative experience while enjoying a cozy setting nestled in the country in the Blue Ridge Mountains in all of it's green glory in early June.

Our retreat journey together begins with opening the throat chakra and the sacral chakra to fully activate creativity and communication which can further align us with our purpose of exploring soul language.


We will have discussions to help us understand the different ways that the soul expresses itself and share examples of art and literature that showcase the soul's unique expression. 

We will take a shamanic journey to the doorway of the cosmos to connect with our galactic and celestial aspects as well as new guides for this time in our life.

We will connect with our inner light, raise our energy vibrations, and receive Light Code Activations.

We will co-create the safe space in which we can further explore how the universe communicates to us, and come to embrace that we are the channel, we are the conduit through which the soul speaks.

​This retreat provides you with the opportunity to brush up against the boundaries of your mind and push the walls out a little, a time to embrace your unique soul language, and a time to fully express what your soul wishes to be known. 

You are magnificent! Allow your soul light to shine. 

Your Guide for the Event:

Your guide Cellina Rhiannon (aka Gretchen Comer) brings her expertise as a Registered Holistic Health Practitioner and Metaphysician, spiritual empowerment coach, holistic energy healer, oracle reader, Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, ordained Priestess, (and much more) to this powerful, soul-centered event. She has dedicated over 25 years of her life to guiding women towards healing and self-empowerment. With her earthy, heart centered approach to healing, she has been able to create a nurturing and supportive environment that uplifts all of those she works with. 

She has been guiding sacred circles for women and men drawn from both ancient and modern spiritual practices over 25 years. She has extensive experience in managing spiritual events for a busy retreat center for over 20-years, and along with spiritual event planning she has also guided close to 300 spiritual ceremonies and events. 

Her work mainly focuses on women and the divine feminine in all of us. She brings love, light-heartedness, humor, compassion and creative inspiration to her work as a retreat facilitator; truly believing we are all magnificent beings. She empowers women to feel safe to allow their innate spiritual natures to shine through and live with vibrancy, passion, courage and strength.

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A hand-picked selection of spiritual tools, books, and items for your spiritual journey will be for sale. 

To register, please complete the form below.

Cancellation Policy & Important Info: 
Should you need to cancel, you must cancel with at least 72 hours before the event to be eligible for any refund. There will be a $10 non-refundable adminstrative amount deducted from the ticket price. You will be refunded the balance of $30 within 7-14 days of cancellation of your retreat spot. (Processing fees and tax are not collected by me and are non-refundable.) 

OR--Passing on Your Ticket:
If you need to cancel--you may also pass your training spot on to someone else. This way you can have them pay you without loss of money. Please use the contact form on the menu above (or email me here) and let me know your intention to cancel and submit the name of the person taking your place. If you do not follow these  instructions, I will not know of your cancellation and cannot guarantee any refund.


Spots Available in this Retreat

This retreat is limited to 8 participants due to spatial allowance and time. Please don't wait to register.   

Event Cancellation: 
Should it be determined that weather or other unforeseen issues included, but not limited to: Acts of God (or Goddess), illness, or if the venue becomes unavailable, and other situations beyond the control of the leader or venue owner, that prevents the retreat from taking place on these scheduled dates, an alternate date will be offered for this retreat. 
Registration for July 27th Soul Light Day Retreat
I will need to be able to communicate info and updates about this retreat. Please check which form of contact you prefer.

For the Lunch Provided, Please List Your Food Preferences and Needs:

Choose all that apply

Thank you for your registration!

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