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 An in-depth  Online Program 

Dragon Spirit Guides 

"The dragons are waiting to support you in your life, assist your spiritual growth, and illuminate your ascension path."

Diana Cooper


Imagine how incredible it would be to connect and communicate with dragons as spirit guides.

If you are reading this then you have most likely been called here by a dragon. As someone who resonates with dragons, I know that we as dragon people are inherently connected to the energy and wisdom of these magnificent beings.


This affinity for dragons may have started for you in childhood and could have been building for years, or perhaps it’s a more recent desire—like waking up to something totally new, or maybe it’s simply a desire to understand their connection to you because dragon keeps showing up in your life. Maybe you keep hearing about dragons through social media, or you see or hear the word dragon repeatedly, or other synchronous ways that dragons can come into your awareness.


Regardless of your connection they're here to help assist humanity and it’s important to heed the call of the dragons when they come into our lives. This is an incredible opportunity to take your knowledge of spirit guides even further.

In order to fully embrace a connection with dragons, it’s important to understand the power and significance of dragon energy in our lives. Dragons are ancient and wise creatures, embodying qualities such as strength, courage, and protection. By embracing our connection with them we can begin to build a relationship with our dragon guide, and can access these qualities, and learn how to work with them on our spiritual journey.


What this Program Covers:

Module 1

The Call of the Dragons: Embracing Your Connection to Dragon Energy

Recognizing the Signs of Dragon Guidance

Opening Yourself to Communication with Dragon Guides

Module 2

Understanding Dragon Guides: Exploring the Different Types of Dragon Guides

Learning the Language of Dragons

Building a Relationship with Your Dragon Guide

Module 3

Connecting with Dragon Energy: Harnessing the Power of Dragon Energy

Balancing Your Energy with Dragon Guidance

Meditating with Dragons for Spiritual Growth

Module 4

Communicating with Dragon Guides: Developing Your Intuition for Dragon Communication

Using Divination Tools to Connect with Dragons

Channeling Messages from Your Dragon Guides

Dragon Light Codes and Light Language

Module 5

Embracing Your Dragon Spirit: Integrating Dragon Wisdom into Your Daily Life

Embodying the Qualities of Dragons

Honoring Your Connection to Dragon Guides

Module 6

The Transformative Journey with Dragons: Overcoming Challenges with Dragon Guidance

Celebrating Successes with Your Dragon Guide

Sharing Your Dragon Journey with Others

Module 7 (live, online class)

The Power of Community with Dragon People Connecting with Like-Minded Dragon People

Supporting Each Other on the Dragon Path

Uniting in Service to the Dragon Realm

Herbs & Crystals to Enhance Dragon Connection

Module 8 (live, online class)

Embracing Your Role as a Dragon Advocate: Spreading Awareness of Dragons

Advocating for the Protection of Dragon Species

Being a Beacon of Light for Dragon People Everywhere

Embracing the Magic of Dragons

Resources for Connecting and Communicating with Dragon Guides

dragon with wings spread.jpg

You'll get all of this:

The Complete Self Study Online Accredited Course, 8 Modules Total
2, Live-Online with me and other dragon people
(as the class forms or as 1-to-1 Sessions with me)
2 Spiritual Guide Phone Calls

​​​Unlimited Contact With Me by Email 
Helpful Tips & Fun Exercises
Guided Meditations 

8 Guiding Emails

​Weekly Ritual Activities & Creative Projects


A Personalized Inspirational Weekly Channeling Video


Downloadable Lecture Audios 


Guided Visualization Journey to Meet with Your Dragon Guides


Accredited ​Certificate of Completion from Spiral Journey Holistic Life Services 

All for just $99

Begin Your Amazing Journey with Dragons Today!

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