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Sacred Rituals

Celebrating Life Through Meaningful Rites

Earth Rituals  Moon Rituals Life Celebrations
First Moons Cronings Dedications
Wheel of the Year Celebrations ✬ Bespoke Ceremonies 

I can help you create an amazing and meaningful ritual, ceremony, or celebration. I provide bespoke earth-centered rituals and ceremonies designed for any occasion for individuals or groups.


Typical Rites of Passage Rituals:

  • Virginia Wedding Officiant (licensed in Virginia) 

  • Honor a New Life Path (honoring our choices and transitions) 

  • Honor Life Transitions such as: Coming of Age Ceremony

  • "Croning" (post menopause)

  • Celebrate a milestone (ex. latest life accomplishment, new occupation, new baby, new life relationship, etc.)

  • Dedication Ceremonies (to deepen your spiritual nature)

  • Your Theme...

Typical Wheel of the Year Ceremonies

  • Candlemas or Imbolc: Early February

  • Eostre or Spring Equinox: Mid-March 

  • Beltaine/Beltane/May Day: Early May

  • Litha or Summer Solstice: Late June

  • Lammas or First Harvest: Early August

  • Mabon or Autumn Equinox: Late September

  • Samhain or La Dia de la Muerto: End of October 

  • Yule or Winter Solstice: late December


Also celebrated throughout the year are the 13 Phases of the Moon in which we can experience the different energies of releasing, harvesting and manifestation through the Dark/New/Full Moon Phases.

I have been leading earth-centered ceremonies since 1993 and I became ordained clergy in 1998 as a "Priestess of the Spiral Grove".


I can create a ceremony for any occasion that's personal, powerful and deeply meaningful for you.


Use the form below to contact me  to discuss your ideas and visions.

Send me a message and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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