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Soul Code Attunements

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 10 Gateway Portals:

Information About

Soul Code Attunements 

In this training you will be moving through 10 Gateway Portals, each activated by a Soul Code Attunement. These powerful Soul Code attunements will help to diversify the priestess training for you, and give you a well-rounded perspective, as well as transformative gateways, into your true priestess nature. Each Soul Code Attunement unfolds like a beautiful lotus flower, offering you new experiences into your beautiful inner knowing. With these Soul Codes, as you walk this path of healing and ceremony, you can upgrade your energy, awaken dormant DNA, and call in more light and love into your being. 


Just imagine the wealth of possibilities for you and others when each gateway portal is activated. You will receive 10 attunements in all! 


So. What are these attunements all about?


Soul Code Attunements are powerful spiritual tools that are transmitted the same way as an energy attunement such as a Reiki attunement. In the activation and empowerment attunements, the energy of that goddess or ascended master will be imprinted in your energy field so that you are aligned with that energy (forever) and can now work with, and use, that energy for specific purposes, according to the energy matrix of that attunement. 


If you are unable to meet with Cellina in person, she will send your attunements during your online meetings* with her through a process called the Orb of Life which was originally conceived by the gifted meditation master Ole Gabrielson.


The Orb of Life is comprised of concentrated Life Force Energy in an energy sphere created to contain the attunement until you are ready to receive it. This The Orb of Life is a powerful spiritual gift that can enhance healing, enhance protection, charge objects and crystals, enhance distance healing and much more; it has many applications. The tenth attunement with this training is receiving the Orb of Life. You will learn how to create your own Orbs of Life to use in your energy work and in your life.


Cellina will provide more detailed info about Soul Codes/Light Codes throughout the training. 

*If you live within traveling distance and wished to be attuned in person, please contact Cellina.  

During an attunement Cellina, having already been attuned to these Soul Codes and having worked with them, channels energy vibrations that are specific to the purpose of the attunement. She then sends this encoded energy into the Orb of Life (or directly into your energy matrix if meeting in person). Once the Orb is received and opened, this energy fills your energy field with a new vibrational light frequency. This enables you to attune with this frequency whenever you have need of it's specific intent and it can be combined with other modalities, greatly amplifying the results. Your ability to channel and work with this energy will become stronger every time you work with the Soul Code Attunement. 


Be assured that these attunements are positive, light-filled experiences infused with love and joy. 

You may experience the Orb of Life as a ball of celestial light, or you may see colors, images, hear sounds, and so on during the process. Typically people sense subtle shifts in their energy fields, feelings of relaxation and calm. People who already work with their chakras may sense their chakras opening or the flowing of energy through their bodies. Sometimes people sense nothing at all and that's totally fine. This does not mean the energy has not been imprinted or that it is not working. With practice, as you become more adept at using this new energy frequency, you will note energy shifts and changes more readily and come to trust this guidance. 


You will receive 5 Master Empowerment Attunements:

Amara Omni Empowerment for Spiritual Development

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene Inner Temple Empowerment

Ascended Master Quan Yin Lotus Healing Fountain Empowerment

​Goddess Elen of the Ways Empowerment

The Orb of Life Attunement

You will receive 5 Master Activation Attunements:

Goddess Hathor Self Love Mastery Activation

Goddess Isis Radiance Healing Activation

Goddess Lakshmi Golden Fortune Activation

Goddess Yemaya's Bequeathal Activation

Goddess Athena Fearlessness Activation

Note from Cellina:

I have chosen these particular attunements for this training to help awaken dormant DNA and energies within your specific energy matrix. In your commitment to work with these beautiful Soul Codes, you will find that they can positively enhance all areas of your life. Each is unique and provides a direct link to the energy you are calling into your being, which sets up a relationship with these energies.  


Once you complete this Priestess Training you will be part of the transmission lineage and authorized to charge money for the attunements when attuning others through your priestess work in: private sessions, classes, events, circles, retreats, groups, etc. How you end up applying this knowledge is totally up to you. ​The possibilities are limitless!


There is just a requirement that you charge at least $75/60£per attunement when you are training, and giving the attunements, to others. The people who trained me explained it to me like this: this is not for the attunement per se, but rather to compensate your time, labor and energy preparations in attuning each person and therefore, an energy exchange is necessary. 

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