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The Sacred Spiral

Women have long been drawn to the spiral symbol; its soft curves, its traceable pattern. We've carved and painted spirals on stone edifices and on our bodies; we've woven it into our fabrics and tapestries; we've circled around stones placed in the earth and walked the folded spiral in labyrinths since ancient times. As priestesses we taught the mysteries of the spiral, empowering women to understand their true, authentic nature by intentionally walking the spiral as a map of life.


It's not surprising that more and more women are hearing

this call to return to their origins and claim their birthright 

to the sacred mysteries of the priestess.  

The spiral is one of the oldest symbols known on earth and dates back to the Neolithic Period. Often associated with the feminine aspect;  life cycles, fertility and childbirth are all represented in art in ancient priestess temples. The symbol was valued for representing sacred intuition and other more internal, receptive concepts associated with  the Divine Feminine or Goddess. 

On its purest level the spiral represents life, creation, birth and rebirth, evolution, awareness, and growth. The center or nucleus offers the stillness in the chaos of all that is. It is a place of zero point; a place to pause, turn around and begin the journey outward. It offers deep wisdom of the self, the world around us and beyond. 


The single spiral stands for beginnings. It offers insight into the power of cosmic energy, deep self awareness and growth, and represents accepting knowledge, opening to new concepts and perseverance on our paths.


The double spiral represents balance between two forces and guides us in the wisdom of polarities and archetypes, showing us how to balance our inner and outer worlds.


Aside from the circle symbol, which is thought to be the "archetype of wholeness" (Dr. Carl Jung), the triple spiral is considered to be the oldest symbol of spirituality; a symbol of completion, of the Maiden-Mother-Crone aspects of both the Goddess and Priestess. 


The spiral is immersed in complex ancient symbolism that still resonates and stirs the cauldron of forgotten knowledge deep within us. It elicits feelings of deeper knowing when we experience it through words, pictographs, carvings, light frequency and sound. The Empowered Priestess programs use the spiral as both metaphor and map for our life-journey, and see it as a powerful talisman for moving forward in creating a vibrant life.

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Spirals can be found just about everywhere in our world.
A spiral exists in every ancient culture and nature provides many examples of the spiral for reflection.

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