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Fearlessly manifest a magical life 

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"SOUL LANGUAGE" July 27--10a to 5p

Starts August 17th

Starts August 17th

Become a Crystal & Chakra Healing Practitioner!

Seek Strength From Within

If that which you seek you do not find within you,  you will never find it without. 

Doreen Valiente

I believe that you have an amazing amount of power within you. For many women this power may be dormant, just waiting to awaken like a sleeping seed in winter. Empowered Priestess programs offer ways for you to bring more light and energy into your life, helping to awaken those dormant parts of you.


When we open to what's possible for us we become more aware of the beautiful synchronicities of life. We become well-springs overflowing with sacredness, with beauty, and with love. We begin to understand that we are amazing, unique, divine, creative, and magickal. Through this knowledge we strengthen the relationship with our soul's journey.  

Curious, creative and inspired women are rising up, wanting more from life. They feel called to know themselves at a core level, and to unabashedly be their authentic self; without shying away from their talents, their skills, or the amazing power of their heart and soul.

We walk into the fire of our hearts and come to understand that fearless means--fear-less. It doesn't mean the absence of fear. Leaping into the great unknown is scary, but you have support here. 


I understand if you don’t feel this way now, but long to live more fear-lessly, your courageous desire is commendable, and I will support you as you develop the traits that are most important to you.


Women go on to use their new skills and training to provide services in a spiritual business, their friend groups, spiritual classes, retreats, private one-on-one sessions as well as guide their own circles, sacred ceremonies, create webinars or online groups and oh, so much more. They make money from their services. They live more contentedly.  They feel their power, and live through that strength of spirit, of love, and of courage. They reshape their lives and become powerful creators, loving what they are doing. 

You can start wherever you are. It doesn't matter where you're at in life, or where you've been,

because if you are reading this, you are exactly where you need to be!

As your guide for the journey I am ready to help you whenever you have need. 


Being fearless is often misunderstood.
It doesn't mean you're suddenly without fear.
It means to fear less

Empowered Priestess can help you to take that leap into the unknown and live a life you love. 




Star Cluster

Work With Me

"To know your purpose is beyond profound…I just feel so reborn, I can’t put it into words your guidance is such a gift and I am so grateful to have you in my corner to help me to be the best I can, at what is being given to us." Susan, Virginia

"You gave me strong validation of my not being crazy for KNOWING I have spiritual gifts, and that has helped me tremendously. You even helped me validate what some of those are specifically. I feel many others could benefit from working with you." RH, Virginia

"It was a very peaceful and enlightening experience."

"Afterwards, I felt more calm and relaxed and that's a big deal for me."

[She] has the most soothing voice and I felt completely at ease and comfortable throughout the session. I believe I am still reaping the benefits. Jeanine, Virginia

"[She] is a wise and authentic healer and she's a much needed bright light during these challenging times." Conny, Virginia

Melissa Donovan

Melissa- Florida

"[She] is always so excited to see me grow. She is incredibly encouraging, intuitive, and gifted at what she does." 

Loola Mora

Loola- California
"She has helped  me to feel whole again and to tap into my inner wisdom and love myself. She helped me heal and supported me so beautifully, I was able to open my Fairy wings again and continue spreading love and magic everywhere. I always feel safe, listened to, loved and  inspired by her! I totally recommend her programs!" 

"I needed to go within and figure out some of my own issues and wouldn’t have been able to do the work of connecting with myself on such a deep level without this program. I think that the work itself is timeless and the guide this program is can be of great value in just that. I experienced some deep growth from within. You have to be willing to dig deep to truly know yourself. This program helps to guide you in a gentle way. I would give it a great evaluation." VW, Virginia

"I loved the program- it was very thought provoking and really made me look inside and define what I want my life to look like. I was able to glean so much insight into myself and what was holding me back. Things that I just never thought of before. I would absolutely recommend this program to others."  AS, Virginia

"The validation alone from you professionally has made a huge shift in my ownership (and now excitement) of what gifts I have and can grow/nurture." RH, Virginia

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